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General information

Official name:
Computing Center of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Computing Center of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as CC FEB RAS) was established on 1st of July 1981 as an independent research institute as part of the Far Eastern Scientific Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1984).

Currently, the CC FEB RAS is the leading academic structure in the Far East, carrying out research activities in the field of mathematical modeling, informatics and computing technologies.

The CC FEB RAS is a full member of the National Supercomputer Technology Platform and a member of the international consortium OpenPOWER Foundation.



Scientific areas of activity:

- mathematical modeling of natural and technological processes;

- fundamental and applied problems of computing and information technologies.

In addition to fundamental research, the CC FEB RAS performs work related to applied development and the creation of innovative products. Over the past 5 years, more than 70 grants and projects have been completed, including 20 grants from the RSF and RFBR.


The structure of the Computing Center includes 6 laboratories:

- numerical methods of mathematical physics;

- approximation methods and functional analysis;

- mathematical modeling in physics and technology;

- computational mechanics;

- information technologies;

- information and computing systems;

- Center for Collective Use "Data Center of the FEB RAS", equipped with modern computing systems. In recent years, the CCU has completed more than 100 applications from leading Russian research organizations.


Address: 65 Kim Yu Chen st., Khabarovsk, Russia


Phone: +7 (4212) 22-72-67