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Official name:
Far Eastern Research Institute of Agriculture

The Far Eastern Research Institute of Agriculture was organized in 1935 in accordance with the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR (No. 1635 dated 16th of July 1934 and No. 175 dated 1st of February 1935). Its purpose was to provide methodological guidance of the entire research work of the Far East region and servicing the needs of all departments in the field of research work in agriculture. The Institute became the first large complex research institution of the agricultural profile in the Far East.

Currently, the Far Eastern Research Institute of Agriculture is focused on the development of theoretical, fundamental and priority applied scientific research aimed at solving the most important problems in the development of agriculture, crop production and animal breeding.

Over the years of the institute's activity, its employees have created 270 varieties of grain, legumes, vegetable, feeding, fruit and berry crops that are widely in demand in agricultural production. 150 certificates for breeding achievements, 16 gold, 14 silver and 22 bronze medals, and 68 diplomas were received.


Institute Building

Institute Building


Main Research areas

- Carrying out breeding and seed-growing work on grain, legumes, corn, potatoes, vegetables, feeding and fruit crops, perennial grasses;

- development of new and improvement of existing technologies for the production of livestock products based on scientific achievements in the field of biotechnology, selection and genetics, feeding, breeding and selection work;

- development and improvement of technological processes for the production of agricultural products, based on taking into account the landscape, soil, climate, biological characteristics of crops, the latest means of mechanization;

- development of technological and biological methods for managing the fertility of seasonally frozen soils, substantiation of technical means in the cultivation of crops in farms of various forms of ownership.


The institute has 7 departments:

- department of agriculture with a group of plant protection;

- department of selection and seed production of grain crops and soybeans;

- department of vegetable crops and potatoes;

- animal breeding department with feeding production group;

- fruit growing laboratory;

- laboratory of selection of grain crops;

- a group of economic development of the agro-industrial complex.


Address: 13 Klubnaya st., selo Vostochnoye, Khabarovsk district, Khabarovsk Territory, 680521

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