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General information

Official name:
Institute of Engineering and Metallurgy of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEM FEB RAS)

Formed by Decree of the Presidium of the Far Eastern Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences dated 12th of July 1988 No. 90-a, the Institute of Engineering and Metallurgy (IEM) was established based on the scientific departments of the Mining Institute and the Computing Center of the Far Eastern Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The establishment in the city of the only institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences was aimed at solving problems relevant for organizations related to the development of fundamentally new and modernization of existing industries and technologies used in engineering and metallurgy in a competitive market.

Institute Building

Institute Building


Main scientific areas

- Development of deformation mechanics as a fundamental basis for improving manufacturing technologies and hardening of metal products.

- Development of methods and techniques for the processing of materials by thermomechanical action and the creation on this basis of technologies to produce structural materials and structural elements.


Fundamental Research

- Development of theoretical foundations and principles for the creation of machines and mechanisms of high performance and reliability;

- development of new processes for metallurgical production, technologies for forming and strengthening materials;

- construction of the theory of strain concentrators based on concentrators in the form of V-shaped cuts in the strip;

- development of a model for optimizing the forms of stamping tools by the method of effective redistribution of material;

- research in the field of the theory of finite elastoplastic reversible and irreversible deformations, studying the properties of surfaces of deformation discontinuities, solving problems of the interaction of shock waves with each other and with obstacles during high-speed collisions of deformable bodies.



Applied Research

- Study of the processes of obtaining high-precision castings;

- study of the processes of obtaining iron-carbon alloys and products using metallothermy;

- research of processes and development of metal casting and deformation devices for obtaining continuously cast deformed structural elements from non-ferrous and ferrous alloys;

- study of the processes of obtaining permanent joints using welding flux-cored wire with thermite filler.


Address: 1 Metallurgists st., Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 681005


Phone: +7 (4217) 54-95-39